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Episode 7: Body Image with Stefanie Michele
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1 year ago

In this episode of "Embracing You," I talk with Binge Eating Recovery & Body Image Coach, Stefanie Michele, about body image. In this episode, we take the time to define body image, discuss the splitting of mind and body that happens when we struggle with body image, and talk about how we can start the journey to embracing our bodies a little more. We also learn about the concept of “spamming” and how we can use it to tune out the noise of diet culture.

About Stefanie Michele: 

Stefanie is a Binge Eating Recovery & Body Image Coach specializing in helping women overcome food and body image issues. She holds degrees in Human Development Psychology and Occupational Therapy with a certification in Integrative Health Coaching and Intuitive Eating Counseling, and is currently in training as a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.  After struggling with multiple eating disorders for 25 years, Stefanie experienced her own recovery with the help of a coach and plenty of self-exploration. She considers her "boots-on-the-ground" experience of recovery her most teachable asset. Stefanie lives in NJ with her husband and 3 daughters. Follow Stefanie Michele on Facebook/Instagram @iamstefaniemichele for more content. You can also find her at www.iamstefaniemichele.com. 

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