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S2 E8 · Behind The Glow
How to get organized and create better routines with Ashley Brown
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1 year ago

This week, we're talking all about routines and organization! I sat down with Ashley Brown, who is a mom of two, author of the Routine Building Handbook, and owner of Routine and Things, which serves to help women get organized and into routine so they enjoy the heck out of life. Ashley knows when women feel good, the world is better for it. She’s on a mission to see as many women as possible organize their life one routine at a time!

During our chat, she discussed:

  • What led to her starting Routine and Things
  • Some of her top tips for prioritizing
  • How to focus on what matters most, instead of all the things
  • The Routine Block Planning Method
  • Advice for sticking with or pivoting routines
  • How to navigate seasons of change
  • Resources to help with routines and organization
  • And more 

Also mentioned on the show:

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