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How to prioritize yourself through daily acts of self-care with Candice Denise
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1 year ago

Taking care of ourselves before we take care of others is so important, which is why today's episode is all about self-care. It's far more than a buzz word. It's essential to our well being, growth and and more. My guest this week is self care consultant and creative direct, Candice Denise. Candice’s own self care journey + wellness experiences, knowledge, personal revelations and struggles as an entrepreneur, coupled with her desire to empower other women eventually led her to create CD Creative Loft.  Now, she works with high achieving female leaders, founders, entrepreneurs and organizations, around the country, teaching them how to prioritize themselves daily, remove self-care from their to do lists, and work past the “guilt and selfish” stigmas often associated with self care. Candice teaches her clients how to easily infuse simple self care practices & routines into their busy day to day schedules to support their overall success, and maintain a lifestyle centered around putting their well-being, first.

During this episode, Candice shared:

  • How she personally defines self-care
  • Tips for prioritizing self-care daily, even on busy days
  • Navigating self-care routines or practices during challenging seasons
  • Tips for morning and evening self care practice
  • What led to her becoming a self care consultant
  • And much more

Also mentioned on the show:

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