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S2 E7 · Behind The Glow
Pitching, Launching and Funding with Krystal Henry
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1 year ago

We're talking all about pitching, launching and funding with  Krystal Henry.  Krystal is a writer, stationer and natural creative, who learned how to tap into her confidence, which led to her securing $24,500 in funding through pitch competitions. As the owner of Around the Way Parchment, which is a vibrant, creative and relatable stationery company that reflects our culture, Krystal is able to blend her love of writing with her creative design skills. 

This conversation is one every budding or existing entrepreneur will want to hear. During our chat, Krystal discusses:

  • The beginning of her entrepreneurial journey
  • Why she created Around The Way Parchment
  • Advice for those considering starting a business and steps to launch
  • How she built her confidence and skill in the area of pitching 
  • The importance of funding and how to find and secure it
  • What’s next for Around The Way Parchment
  • Top lessons learned in marriage, motherhood and business
  • and more

Also mentioned on the show:

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How to connect with Krystal and Around The Way Parchment:

  • Follow on social media: IG/Twitter/TikTok - @atwparchment | Facebook - Around the Way Parchment
  • Website: www.aroundthewayparchment.com
  •  As of the airing of this episode, Krystal's shop is currently running a 40% off sale of the entire Thank You Collection. 
  • Around the Way Parchment is home to the best-selling EntrepreneuHER Collection celebrating Black Women in business. New products are coming to accompany the inspirational greeting cards including stickers, notepads, journals and writing instruments. Holiday cards are coming soon.

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