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S2 E9 · Behind The Glow
Unleashing Your Dreams with Michelle McKinney
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1 year ago

This week, my special guest is Michelle McKinney, who I've personally had the pleasure of working with within the first year of launching my brand. There are women who you meet and you immediately know they were meant to touch the masses. Michelle McKinney is undeniably one of those women. She is an executive leadership consultant, personal growth coach and founder of Dreams Unleashed, a company that provides results-driven coaching and tools to help women to define and live out their God-given dreams.  With a passion for helping people to reach their highest potential and a mentor to many, Michelle is a powerhouse in the personal development space.

Grab your notebook because Michelle dropped gems! During our conversation, she touched on:

  • how to clarify your purpose and put a name to it
  • actionable steps you can take to get in the game of pursuing your dreams
  • the vision board playbook - why she created it, who it's for and why it's an amazing tool
  • overcoming external and internal obstacles
  • navigating personal and professional changes 
  • her coaching services and how you can work with her
  • and much more

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How to connect with Michelle:

Let's connect on Instagram: @shalycetyson and @behindtheglowpodcast

Want to connect further? Email hello@shalycetyson.com

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