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Faith, Family and Growth with Shirley Franklin
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1 year ago

Today, we're talking about faith, family and growing through the various seasons of life. As we embark upon milestones, that's such a good time to reflect on life and lessons, which is why I sat down with my special guest this week who is none other than my mom, Shirley Franklin. She is turning 60 in December, and is currently celebrating her 60 day countdown to 60. In fact, we're kicking off the countdown right now with vacation in Jamaica. But before our departure, I had the opportunity to chat with her about growing and glowing over these almost 60 years. Shirley Franklin is a Motivator, Mentor, Minister, Manager and Mom. Faith, Family, Friends, and Self-care are some of the things that mean the most to her and we dig into that in this episode

During this episode, Shirley also shared on:

  • How she juggled work, life and family over the years.
  • One thing she had to unlearn.
  • Things she doing less of, and things she's doing more of.
  • How faith has played a role in her life and journey.
  • Advice for moms, who have young children and advice for moms who have adult children. 
  • Life lessons that have impacted her the most.
  • Navigating grief and adjusting to life without her husband.
  • Her perspective on getting older.
  • And much more...

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