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S2 E6 · Behind The Glow
The life of a multi-passionate boss with Sabrina Seymore
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1 year ago

This week, I sat down with multi-passionate entrepreneur, Sabrina Seymore. Sabrina is the founder of Sabrina Seymore Events, which coordinates wedding and events in North Carolina and worldwide. She is also the founder of The Prevailing Woman, which is a multi-generational media outlet that promotes the professional and personal achievements of women on both national and global platforms. The Prevailing Woman hosts the Beatless Meetup Tour around the U.S., the She Prevails Experience, and the Prevailing Girl Camp. In addition, the brand has a health and wellness community and programs through the Prevailing Fit Woman.

In this episode, Sabrina share why and how she's able to foster her multiple passions, and also discusses:

  • The beginning of her entrepreneurial journey 
  • Why she started the Prevailing Woman, and how the signature events and programs came about
  • Her thought process regarding expanding, and advice for others who are considering pursuing multiple passions
  • Managing multiple brands at once and avoiding burnout
  • And much more

Also mentioned on the show:

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