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211: The Politics of Childhood Resilience - Dina Cooper
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Dina Cooper is a parent coach of 12 years and a wife and mum of two teens. She believes in the limitless potential of us all to heal and be the parent we want to be. She is especially passionate about children growing up with the mindset, courage, and resilience to live their potential through helping parents develop their leadership skills. She is the author of Smart Parenting - How to Develop Your Child’s Mindset Courage and Resilience for the Future of Work and the founder of the 8-module Parent as Leader method. Today we chat about this notion of childhood resilience. Welcome to the show!

Hear from Dina on:

1. When did the term “resilience” become something we used in everyday conversations around childhood and parenting? Explain your view.

2. Are there some fail-proof ways to build resilience early in a child’s life?

3. What are we doing not so great in this area?

4. Being a parent, these days is seen by many as a “job” in some ways– share how you developed this concept of ‘parent as leader ‘ and turned it into something tangible.

5. How do you discover the most effective way to parent your child in 2024?

6. Takeaway: What is your final message on The Politics of Childhood Resilience?

Connect with Dina further:

Insta - https://www.instagram.com/dinacooper_/

Website: www.dinacooper.com.au

To find out your parent leadership style take the free quiz at : https://bit.ly/3TwKWdl

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