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212: The Politics of Screentime - Jocelyn Brewer
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Many people enjoy for examplemultiplayer games and virtual worlds. Learn how to stay safe while you're gaming online. Our screentime has become part of BAU in work and socially. Smartphones are life as my teen says!  One review I read comparing children's screentime before and during COVID, shows children’s screentime spiked by a whopping 52% between 2020 and 2022.

Jocelyn Brewer is a Sydney-based psychologist with a special interest in the psychology of technology and staying human in a digitally-saturated age. Jocelyn has previously been a high school social sciences teacher and school counsellor, working across NSW public schools between 2003 and 2021. Her 2009 psychology thesis explored the impacts of increasing access to Internet-enabled laptops on a cohort of grade 10 boys and the emerging area of Problematic Internet Use (PIU), colloquially known as ‘Internet Addiction’.

She created Digital Nutrition in 2013 as a positive framework for addressing digital wellbeing issues and our love-hate relationship with technology and in 2021 completed a Masters in Cyberpsychology at Sydney University. In addition to her small private psychology practice where she works with adolescents and adults, Jocelyn is a sought-after speaker, educator and media commentator on issues relating to cyberpsychology, digital well-being and mental health.

Hear from Jocelyn on:

1. How much screentime is considered OK? Give us a sense of what age and how much is reasonable in 2024 for kids to adults?

2. There has been a recent study by the eSafety Commissioner in Australia saying carers and parents should spend more time playing online games with their kids? Is this something you see as helpful and why?

3. Is there any way we can make screentime as regularly appealing as other activities as it has a huge sense of control over our work and social lives?

4. Are adults who don’t rely on devices to communicate and stay connected any better off mentally or otherwise than our younger generations?

5. Takeaway: What is your final message for us on The Politics of Screentime?

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