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S3 E9 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Ethiopia to the Middle East
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The podcast episode features David, who shares his remarkable journey of faith and mission work among the diaspora community. Born in Ethiopia to parents following a mix of religions, David's life took a transformative turn when he encountered the gospel from an unlikely source—an unbelieving street boy. This encounter led David to accept Jesus and become a passionate evangelist.

Despite challenges like poverty and persecution, David's faith propelled him to preach the gospel boldly, both in Ethiopia and among diaspora communities in the Middle East. He emphasizes the need for cross-cultural mission efforts, particularly among Africans, who he believes are poised to play a significant role in global evangelism.

David highlights the challenges faced by migrant workers, especially women, who often endure exploitation and abuse. He advocates for providing resources and training to equip these workers as missionaries in their host countries.

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