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S3 E7 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Reaching Yemenis in the Midwest
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2 months ago

The Let's Talk Diaspora podcast features a special guest, Jen, who works among a The Yemeni people group in a Midwest city. The episode, part of Season 3, explores the intersection of global and local perspectives in diaspora missions. The discussion highlights how diaspora missions provide access to the gospel for people from these challenging regions who have relocated to North American and European cities.

Jen shares her personal journey from growing up in the Bible Belt to finding faith during a mission trip to Yemen. The podcast delves into the complexities of living in Yemen and the challenges faced by believers in predominantly Muslim societies. Jen emphasizes the importance of understanding the unique dynamics of Yemen, a country considered the "armpit of the Middle East," with a conservative culture deeply intertwined with Islamic beliefs.

The conversation shifts to Jen's current work in a Midwest city with a substantial Yemeni population, often referred to as "Little Yemen." The challenges of building relationships, earning trust, and sharing the gospel in a community marked by fear and conservatism are discussed. Jen also explains her approach to accessing the local community through initiatives like English as a Second Language classes and women's fitness programs, aiming to create opportunities for connection and conversation.