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S2 E5 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Interview: College Student
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8 months ago

In this podcast episode, hosts Rebecca and Bud interview a guest named Hailey, a college student who creatively engages with people to share the Gospel. The episode starts with introductions, and Hailey explains her unique method of using henna tattoos on her college campus to tell Bible stories. She primarily uses the stories of the woman at the well (John 4) and Jesus healing the paralyzed man (Mark 2).

Hailey describes the process of setting up a tent on campus with a "free henna" sign, inviting students to get temporary henna tattoos and telling them a Bible story connected to the design. She shares various responses she receives, including casual acceptance, some rejecting the message, and a few instances of people accepting Christ on the spot. The hosts discuss the tension between felt needs and Gospel proclamation, especially in reaching out to international students and young professionals who might be secular.

The conversation shifts to Hailey's recent experiences working with refugees in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. She describes visiting Afghan and Arab homes, engaging in conversations, and building connections. The hosts highlight the importance of relationship-building and the need to bridge cultural gaps.

The episode also touches on Haley's involvement in a skincare and cosmetics business, where she integrates her faith into her interactions with clients. She encourages listeners to find creative and unconventional ways to share the Gospel based on their passions and interests. The hosts emphasize the significance of research, cultural understanding, and contextualization in effective outreach.