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S2 E7 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Evangelism and Contextualization
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In this episode, titled "Contextualization and Evangelism," Rebecca and Bud discuss the concept of contextualization in sharing the gospel across different cultural and religious contexts. They focus on how to effectively communicate the unchanging message of the gospel while adapting it to the worldview and beliefs of the people they are engaging with.

Bud starts by explaining contextualization and its importance in mission work. He describes it as adapting the gospel to relate to people's cultural, religious, and linguistic backgrounds, making it accessible and understandable without compromising its core message. Bud highlights the tension between two extremes: those who believe the gospel needs no contextualization and those who over-contextualize to the point of obscuring its clarity.

Rebecca and Bud then share various examples of contextualization strategies for engaging with different religious backgrounds. They discuss how to use stories from the Bible, particularly those involving women, to connect with Muslim women, and they mention using common concepts like gurus and sacrificial traditions to bridge the gap with Hindus.

In terms of resources, they recommend the book "Any 3" by Mike Shipman, which provides a process for sharing the gospel in various contexts, and "Christian Barriers to Jesus," a book focused on contextualizing the gospel for Hindus and addressing misconceptions about Christianity.

They also mention "Easy Evangelism" videos available on YouTube, which offer practical insights into sharing the gospel with Hindus and Muslims using relatable approaches. They discuss a process called the "camel method" by Kevin Greeson, which uses the Quran as a bridge to share the Gospel with Muslims.