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S3 E1 · Let's Talk Diaspora
South Asia to the Diaspora
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2 months ago

In this podcast episode, Will and Carol Smith share their experiences as missionaries in South Asia and how they adapted their approach to effectively share the Gospel in that context.

They describe their journey of connecting with women in South Asia, who often faced devaluation, abuse, and various challenges. Their approach involved providing basic training in personal health, understanding family dynamics, and building a foundation for sharing the Gospel.

The conversation delves into the need for simplicity and personal engagement in sharing the Gospel and how their approach shifted when transitioning from South Asia to North America. They stress the importance of modeling, assisting, watching, and launching new believers and leaders in the faith.

The conversation concludes with a call for believers to form local teams, set clear targets, create simple tools, and always be prepared to be used by God, remaining open and findable for those who seek to know more about the Gospel.


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