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S2 E3 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Extraordinary Prayer in Missions Strategy
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6 months ago

In this episode of the "Let's Talk Diaspora" podcast, hosts Rebecca and Bud explore the significance of an extraordinary prayer strategy for engaging unreached people groups within diaspora communities. They address the tension between exclusive prayer and apostolic workers without strong prayer strategies. Emphasizing that prayer is the foundation, they discuss its interconnectedness with various aspects of disciple-making.

The hosts highlight the importance of divine connections and clear proclamation while referencing passages like Luke 10 and Colossians 4. They stress the need to pray for spiritual breakthroughs and address strongholds within different religious backgrounds. Resources such as the Prayer Strategist website and virtual prayer walks on UPG North America are recommended for informed prayer.

Rebecca and Bud discuss the impact of community prayer networks, the significance of listening to God in prayer, and the vital role of prayer in church planting movements. They encourage listeners to prioritize prayer across all aspects of the apostolic task, emphasizing that it should be an integral part of church life.

The hosts remind listeners that prayer involves both talking to and listening to God, urging them to align with God's heart through consistent, community-based prayer.

Other Prayer Resources:

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