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192: The Politics of Optimal Performance - Andrew May
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Everyone wants to be at their peak, ideally. Andrew May is recognised as one of the world’s leading Mental Skills Coaches, with clients the Manly Sea Eagles, other elite athletes, CEOs, and organisations. He is the host of the Performance Intelligence Podcast, a leading speaker, best-selling author, and a regular on ABC TV’s News Breakfast. Andrew is the founder and CEO of StriveStronger.com, a digital physical and psychological wellbeing consultancy and is on a mission to wake people up to a better way of living, working, and leading.

No stranger to elite physical performance, Andrew is a former middle-distance runner who was an assistant coach at the Australian Institute of Sport in Tasmania.

Andrew has dual degrees in the body and brain – completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Exercise Physiology (body) and a Masters in Coaching Psychology (brain). He is exploring a PHD in performance psychology, looking at how the body and brain work together to optimise performance in high pressure moments.

Andrew is a serial entrepreneur and worked as a Partner at KPMG for 3 years and has experience consulting in banking and financial services, sales, real estate, building and construction, professional services, telcos, oil and gas, retail, mining and industrials, government and the military.

In his podcast, which provides science-backed ways to reduce burnout and optimise performance in your personal and professional life. It features interviews with an array of high-profile people like former NRL CEO Todd Greenberg, entrepreneur Naomi Simson and Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley.

We are here to discuss all things optimal performance related such as.

1. How do you define optional performance in a person?

2. What is the core building blocks that underpin productivity and is it the same for everyone you work with?

3. Optimal performance sound like perfectionism, and while that is sometimes seen as good it can create other issues for us with mental health, connections to others, and even our sense of happiness. What is the balance?

4. How can we push through our natural tendencies to be more “in flow” longer, and get more from each day?

5. Being in nature can be a great way to switch off that digital brain and be more refreshed or mindful, but what if you don’t have access to nature easily? How can we make this a habit and what does research tell us about nature and our performance?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Optimal Performance?


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