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210: The Politics of Healthy High-Performance - Fleur Heazlewood
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Wellbeing isn’t a nice-to-have; it is necessary. It is necessary for our health, energy, connection, creativity, relationships, performance - and so on. But despite this, investing time in our health and well-being often hits the bottom of our priorities – and if you are also wired to seek out high performance it can seem like an oxymoron perhaps. Fleur Heazlewood has been a past guest on this show but as a reminder, she is a leadership expert, speaker, and founder of the Blueberry Institute. She works with leaders to create healthy, high-performing teams and organisations. Fleur has trained over 3000  leaders in mental health mastery, future-fit resilience, and positive leadership skills. Her first book Resilience Recipes, a practical guide to better personal wellbeing won Best Health and Wellbeing Book for 2022. The idea of Leading Wellbeing – A leader's guide to mental health conversations at work is what we are keen to explore in today’s show.

Hear in this episode from Fleur on:

1. How do you define healthy high performance and is it easily achievable?

2. Your new book is based on the premise many leaders feel ill-equipped, lacking the skills and training to have the difficult and supportive mental health conversations that are needed to support the well-being of their people How is that so?

3. You have a Mental Health Mastery approach to better conversations, which provides practical steps, suggestions, and scripts to help you prepare, ask, listen, empower action, and support care with performance. Tell us more! Any examples of how this works?

4. How can leaders ensure they are providing psychological safety for their teams and balance both care and performance needs?

5. Is the argument around WFH mandates an example of nonhealthy high performance or is it not about where we work but how and with whom?

6. Takeaway: What is your final message on The Politics of Healthy High Performance?

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