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201: The Politics of Mindset - Sophie Scott
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As some who has struggled at times with high-functioning anxiety, I have often wondered what makes a difference to my day. Is it exercise at dawn, a sense of control over my workload, the way I view the world as good or bad, or a range of nuanced mental and physical factors that can either alleviate or accelerate my condition? Through her media career and social media posts, I have found some great wisdom from today’s guest Sophie Scott. She teaches people around the world how to prevent and manage burnout, reduce stress, and communicate with impact. In addition to a long career as an award-winning medical TV journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Sophie is a professional speaker and educator with expertise in mental health.

She has an extensive presence on social media, has been an invited speaker at the World Congress on Positive Psychology, has written two books Live a Longer Life (ABC Books) and Road Testing Happiness (Harper Collins), and has won major awards for her journalism and medical reporting.

She is an Advisory Board Member of the Australian National Mental Health Prize and sits on the advisory board on stigma at Australia’s National Mental Health Commission and the University of Melbourne’s Contemplative Studies Centre. Sophie is also Adjunct Associate Professor in the Notre Dame University Medical School lecturing in science communication, and an ambassador for Bowel Cancer Australia, Pain Australia and is a patient reviewer for the British Medical Journal.

Her talks and workshops help people take better care of their mental health through science-backed techniques so they can build emotional resilience, maximise their potential and thrive at work and at home. Sophie’s mission is to help people help themselves, using evidence-based science and her own personal journey.

Here we discuss The Politics of Mindset including:

1. How do you define mindset and is there an example of what it means?

2. What are some of the “science-backed” ways we can change our mindset for the better– say from a fixed to a growth mindset?

3. How do you manage for example bad habits like a scarcity or victim mindset and ensure your past experiences do not overtly define your future?

4. Are some of us born with greater resilience and grit or does it need to develop like a muscle that needs to be trained to be optimal to be a competitive athlete?

5. How is stress aligned with our mindset and is removing stress as simple as reframing how we view it?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Mindset?


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