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Hello guys, I'M NOT A BARISTA is back. 2023's first audio story is from Petros.

Last year, we interviewed Petros Malousis, the operational manager of Coffee Lab and he shared with us his spectacular journey from a barista to where he is now. We hope his story can give baristas some tips about their own careers.

Stepping into the coffee industry at 17 years old, Petros Malousis embarked on his coffee journey with a humble beginning. He spent years working as a barista trainer. Whenever he recalls his apprentice experience, the passion for the coffee always takes up most of his words. He barely complained about the dullness of repetitive training and the low wages in his early career. When people ask him why he choose this path, he just answers in the most honest way:

My passion for coffee is the easiest answer, when I travel I meet the people behind the coffee. I realised that I couldn’t see myself anywhere else.

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