S3E8: Steaming Controversies: Unmasking the Coffee Industry with Jo Lopez image
S3 E8 · I'M NOT A BARISTA: Voices of the Coffee World
S3E8: Steaming Controversies: Unmasking the Coffee Industry with Jo Lopez
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10 months ago

Our guest is none other than Jo Lopez (@link_is_not_the_princess), the head of coffee at a coffee company in London, who spills the beans on the recent drama brewing in the coffee industry. A rising storm in a coffee cup, the controversial Paragon chilling tool, is the hot topic; with big players attempting to freeze out smaller competitors like Squeaky Coffee with legal threats. Jo, however, isn't one to shy away from controversy and gives us the skinny on this contentious tool, just like 50percentarabica, leading us to a humorous discussion on memes that have sprung up as a form of protest against corporate bullying.

Trust us, the drama doesn't stop there. We rip back the curtain on the power dynamics at play in the industry, revealing how well-established companies are making bold moves to protect their market share. The dark side of innovation, we discuss the pattern of big companies trying to patent everything, and the ripple effects this has on small companies. Buckle up as we navigate the murky waters of influencer culture in the coffee industry, questioning the authenticity of reviews amidst sponsored content, and how this can leave consumers with a bitter taste.

So, whether you're a casual coffee drinker or a seasoned industry player, this episode promises a full-bodied blend of controversy, drama, industry insights, and personal experiences. Join us as we roast these hot topics!

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