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195: The Politics of Courage - Peter Baines
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Peter Baines is a crisis and disaster management expert, philanthropist, and international keynote speaker on the topic of leadership. He has worked globally responding to acts of terrorism and humanitarian disaster zones and offers unique insights from his time leading counter terrorism initiatives. Peter is known internationally for his humanitarian work in the building of Hands Across the Water, a charity committed to enriching the lives of children and communities they support in Thailand.

He knows a thing or two about life, leadership and courage. His new book Leadership Matters: Stories and Insights for Leaders, Achievers and Visionaries(Wiley, $32.95) is here Peter shares the lessons that have stayed with him through his decades in international counterterrorism and disaster response. In particular, Baines reveals how the devastating aftermath of 2005 Thailand’s Boxing Day Tsunami shaped his understanding of what it means to be a true leader — and how that transformative event led him to start a multi-million-dollar charity that has helped thousands. Baines shares remarkable personal stories and insights about what it takes to stand up as a leader in challenging times and how to use courage, compassion, and integrity to accomplish the impossible.

Away from work, he enjoys flying helicopters and spending time with his family on their farm.

So today we are discussing the politics of courage.

Peter will share:

1. Can you define courage and how it intersects with leadership?

2. How can the way we view courage become more than acts of gallantry and the traditional notion of heroism?

3. The world may not need another leadership book, some may argue – what compelled you to write Leadership Matters now?

4. What common traits do courageous leaders display?

5. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Courage?


W: www.peterbaines.com.au

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/peterbainesconsulting/

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