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193: The Politics of Exercise - Brett Lillie
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The E word means different things to different people. Personally, I love exercising. Or maybe I love having exercised? The jury remains out on that one. But I have always moved, and my own health demands it – mentally for my anxiety and physically as I have a severe scoliosis which was diagnosed when I was just seven, and it was either maintain the body I have or face drastic surgery by 14. Even today, if I don’t lift weights, Spin, stretch and walk to get my endorphins up my day is literally a struggle on all fronts. And in my spare time I horse ride.

But many people struggle to find that momentum to move especially as busy careers and demands of life take hold. Based on the latest available ABS data, over 3 in 10 (35%) adults aged 18–64 is insufficiently physically active. More women (39%) than men (32%) did not do the recommended amount of physical activity. And 2 in 3 (70%) children aged 2 to 17 do not meet the minimum exercise guidelines.

Enter a new health book. Dr Brett Lillie explores how to rekindle your love of exercise, offers a 10-step process to get moving, change behaviours and reap the benefits. Rediscover Your Athlete Within provides a practical guide to help you reconnect with your inner athlete. Written for those at any fitness level, Dr Lillie draws upon over two decades of experience to help you rediscover your passion for movement, become more present, and become the master of your future.

Brett has practised in his Sydney clinic for over two decades. With a Chiropractic Masters degree under his belt and many postgrad studies spanning different disciplines, he focused on helping his clients find answers and solutions to musculoskeletal conditions, TMJ/orofacial issues and chronic pain. Dr Brett has recently moved with his family to Tasmania and has himself rediscovered one of his first loves – trail running.

We hear from Brett on:

· Does everyone have an athlete inside them and why do you think so?

· Mindset for athletes is everything – how can we embrace that in our everyday?

· How can we make it less of a chore to move regularly especially time-poor?

· What about exercise as we age and have physical limitations such as health conditions like heart disease or knee and hip issues?

· Is pain the motivation for some and the excuse for others? Please share your insights.

· Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Exercise?


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