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S2 E52 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.52 3 Characteristics of Vegetality's Direct Connection to Time
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Plants have a unique perspective on time, with the ability to access memories stored in Deep Time from different periods of Earth’s history. Understanding and reconnecting to your vegetality, with the help of plant friends, gives you access to these memories and how plants are able to move through the fabric of time.

Drawing from Spiritual Physics and other spiritual practices, let’s travel through the mechanisms plants use to access Time. The Laws of the Universe operate differently in the multiple Worlds of Form present in our cosmology. By embracing our vegetal nature, humanity can move beyond our current limitations and experience the universe in a completely different way.

How could we use this knowledge to create like a plant? What tools could bring into the human world to rekindle our interconnections?

Topics Covered about Time

  • Concept of vegetality—your plantness
  • The nature of Time, and how plants travel through it
  • Plants experience different laws of the Universe
  • Earth as a multispecies being holds Deep Time
  • Plants hold the memories of the World of Form

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