Ep.56 Is Fear Holding Us Back From Evolving (beyond Homo sapiens)? image
S2 E56 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.56 Is Fear Holding Us Back From Evolving (beyond Homo sapiens)?
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1 month ago

Bear with me on this one; it is not always easy to put what the plants have taught me into human words, especially when we are taking about the evolution of Homo sapiens!

In this episode, I challenge many of the societal norms and expectations we have around what makes us human. What exactly is the human species and why are sapiens the only ones left? Could it be that humanity actively prevents the emergence of species differentiation?

We know that embracing diversity is positive, and yet we still look at neurodiversity and diversely-abled people as something to "fix". Instead, how much more freedom will you feel to truly be yourself when you see differences as capabilities instead of deficiencies?

Topics Covered about Homo Sapiens

  • Evolution of human species and multiple species with genus Homo
  • Is it possible that what we are labeling handicaps are actually emerging capabilities?
  • Society fears what is different, so it tries to eliminate it
  • Recognizing neurodivergence as expanded abilities
  • Working with plant partners to understand species differentiation

Resources Mentioned

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