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S2 E59 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.59 Masterplants Symphony with Tritone Crisantemo
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30 days ago

Super fun conversation with Tritone Crisantemo about how he stumbled into plant music and the birth of Masterplants Symphony. It's fascinating to hear how interspecies collaborations have evolved and where we are going next.

There is so much more that comes out in this conversation. Let me know your thoughts in the comments and in NCC. And remember to support Tritone and plant musicians!

About Tritone:
Living in the Spiritual Community “Damanhur” in northern Italy since 2010 as an Initiate in the Sacred Woods Temple, he merged his background in Sound Design and music with his deep love for Life into the Symphonic Plant Music project, Masterplants 2019.

Connecting his Spiritual side with Art and Music while exploring the dimensions and philosophies of Natural sound and a holistic approach to music he has developed a somehow familiar yet still otherworldly sound to his Music.

Since then he has been touring the world playing more than 50 Symphonic plant music concerts in the US, Europe, India and Africa, collaborating with other human artists, while constantly developing his technical skills and Artistic Expression in the world of Symphonic Plant Music and Art collaborations.

Topics Covered about plant music

  • The birth of Masterplants and ensemble plant music
  • Getting out of your humaness to allow the music to flow
  • Collective perception and mysticism between humans and plants
  • What we see coming next in plant-human art collaborations

Resources Mentioned

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