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S2 E50 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.50 Life Support for Peopling with Human and Plant Persons
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2 months ago

Creating intimacy is a challenge in any context, especially online. What does it take to create a safe space where you can open yourself to sharing and receiving with radical honesty? In this episode, I share with you how and why we need places for passionate life support.

If you're here, I have no doubt that you don't think or act like everyone else. And this can be scary. Bringing plants into the mix and maybe being a bit introverted--or at a minimum, highly sensitive--doesn't always make you keen on sharing.

This is exactly why I created a place where you can be you in all your weird and wood. A place where plant consciousness, collective dreaming, out-of-the-box thinking can be expressed, on your own schedule. Be anonymous, participate actively, or anything in between is welcome.

Topics Covered about life support

  • Not all of us are extroverts, and even if we are, we still need quiet reflection
  • Creating safe space and intimacy online
  • Sacred space to create as a Being of Nature
  • Transspecies discussions with Humans and OtherKin

Resources Mentioned

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