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S2 E51 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.51 Relationship Advice from Plants
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Relationships… we all have them, so why are they so hard to navigate? We can talk about emotional intelligence and personal needs, but I wonder if the struggle is because we have such a limited view of what a relationship even is?

Rather than going to human friends for relationship advice, in this episode, we explore what plants show us about the nature of relationships. Pulling from ecological dynamics, we dive into flow, balance, awareness, and an understanding of the many different ways we can enter into symbiosis with others.

Every relationship, whether a mutualism or competition, has the possibility of creating a positive result, it's all in how you live it.

Topics Covered about relationships

  • Different types of biological relationships that exist in nature, including competition, parasitism/predation, commensalism, coexistence, and mutualism.
  • You are the only one that can decide if a relationship is healthy
  • Most of our understanding about relationships comes from conditioning
  • Competition is less useful than we may believe

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