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S2 E54 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.54 From Personal Evolution to Life (Coach)
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Like many multipotentialites, having vast experience makes it hard to find a succinct title for who you are and what you do. Today, I've fallen in love with being a Nature-Inspired Mentor and Life Coach, but getting there was a journey.

I found terms like 'leadership' and 'evolution' misunderstood, making me go back to the roots of how I want to be of service: helping individuals create the conditions conducive to a really great LIFE, whether that be personal, professional, or other.

At my core, I am a bridge that helps you get from where you are to who you want to be.

Whether I am using bio-inspired design, ecosystem services, plant communication, creativity, Kabbalah, Spiritual Physics... it all has to be filtered through great questions that encourage you to  become conscious of your true nature with all your unique talents and passions. Life coaching is ultimately about supporting your personal evolution so you can live a fulfilling life of impact.

Topics discussed about the title 'Life Coach'

  • Misconceptions between coaching, mentorship, and consulting.
  • Why titles matter
  • Creating space for self-discovery and decision making
  • Radical honesty and self-acceptance in all areas of life

Resources Mentioned

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