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S2 E57 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.57 Co-Authorship with Plants with Sydney Kale
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1 month ago

What a fantastic conversation with Sydney Kale about her personal experiences in co-authorship with plants and how the vegetal mind relates with language. In our Sprouts Writing & Creativity Group, we stretch ourselves every week to find new ways to create with plants, challenging human perspectives.

Sydney stresses the importance of acknowledging plants' expertise and perspectives in academic work, and shared her co-authorship practices. Working with plants in this way accentuates the intricate relationship between humans and plants, emphasizing the importance of forgiveness, listening, and understanding what plants want.

Sydney recently received an MA in Movement, Mind, and Ecology from Schumacher College and is earning her Ph.D. in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University. She wrote her master's dissertation with a plant, Damiana, and is interested in exploring co-authorship with plants in academic and creative writing through attunement and co-becoming.

Topics Covered about co-authorship with plants

  • Asking questions to plants, and hearing the answers in their voices
  • Giving words to what plants want to say
  • How to balance human and more-than-human voices in creative

Resources Mentioned

Expanded Show Notes HERE

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