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S1 E16 · Life After Tech Bootcamp
Opera Singer to Data Science
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Sid currently serves as a Senior Visualization Engineer at Cencora, where he holds a technical leadership role in Power BI development and crafts analytics solutions for Cencora’s pharmaceutical clients.

In the fall of 2020, Sid completed the Springboard program, earning a certificate in Data Science. Prior to transitioning into data visualization, he spent 10 years as a professional opera singer.

Sid discusses feeling initially intimidated as the sole musician in his program but highlights how his years of auditioning provided him with "an edge" during the job search. Moreover, he provides insights into effective networking strategies, breaking down both successful and unsuccessful approaches.

If you have any questions for Sid or the host that could be answered on a future episode, please email me at alumnipodcast@springboard.com.

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