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24. The Mind Body Connection
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In this week’s episode, we discuss the mind body connection. We get into the importance of physical health, and the way in which our mind can change, in fact become quite a bit sharper, when combined with healthy practices. Not only can it change for the better, but inherently the mind will change for the worse if the connection to the body is neglected. We both have some interesting life experiences that solidify this idea, and we get into some of that as well as connecting these ideas to overall spiritual and mental growth. Id like to point out that in the conversation, I talk about a quote by Robert Anton Wilson from his book Prometheus Rising, and I stated the quote incorrectly as “What the knower knows, the prover proves,” but the quote is actually “What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.” Its a beautiful philosophical observation, and we get into what it means.  


Music By Nathan Willis RIP

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