58. UFOs, Psychedelics, and the Boundaries of Perception image
Pursuit Of Infinity
58. UFOs, Psychedelics, and the Boundaries of Perception
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8 months ago

As in this week’s episode, we’ve been covering a lot of UFO and UAP related topics as of late but there's a reason for that. Not only is it super interesting in general, the beauty of this topic is that it necessitates a profound re-examination of the ingrained paradigms that shape our perspective in virtually ever facet of life. This includes both physical and nonphysical reality when we take into consideration the technological implications, as well as its relation to consciousness. The way I see it, the inevitable convergence of science and spirituality is essential to forge a fresh cultural narrative and toolkit for comprehending the new reality that we are discovering. The prospect of this convergence ignites a captivating blend of curiosity and excitement within me, and I hope it does the same for you too.


Music By Nathan Willis RIP

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