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S2 E39 · ReConnect with Plant Wisdom
Ep.39 How Do You Get Ready For A New Year?
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4 months ago

There are so many ways to get ready for a new year. Achievements to acknowledge, goals to set, limiting beliefs to focus on, intentions to desire... How do you get ready for a new year?

One way I find clarity is with a Botanical Tarot Card Reading. These are not your traditional tarot deck. There is nothing traditional about them. They are portals that allow plants to communicate their wisdom directly into me, so I can pass it on to you. It's my way of providing clarity and direction without getting caught up in human thinking--or better said, human conditioned thinking.

With the help of the plants, I read the ecosystem. I see the nourishment available and how to best use it. Rather than relying on human logic, wouldn't you want to receive the plants' perspective on the year to come? Who knows what the environment you're in provides than them?

Topics Covered about preparing for the new year

  • The need to get clarity on what you want
  • How my Botanical Tarot deck came to me
  • Using Botanical Tarot card readings for decision making
  • Self-discovery with plant communication

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