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200: The Politics of Content Creation - Mel Daniels
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4 months ago

Content creation is often the heart and soul of any modern business and its brand. My guest today Mel Daniels is a Content Strategist and Speaker who loves to understand ‘why’. Even past her toddler years, she always asked why. She wanted to understand why things worked like they did, why people acted a certain way and why she was the only one who loved peanut butter and sultana sandwiches.

Her curiosity has led her on an interesting life journey from academic achiever to corporate leader, mum extraordinaire and now business owner. Mel’s purpose is to teach and empower women who want more from their business, on how to use content in a powerful way. She gives them the confidence they need to become more visible, seen as the expert that they are and inspired to take their business to the next level.

When she’s not talking about content and client journeys, you will find Mel cheering on her clients from the sidelines. Her other favourite hangouts are the kitchen and gym. Luckily her love of dead lifting counteracts the amount of baking she consumes. Kind of. She is a content creation leader with a finger on the socials, and someone who can definitely help us all shine online!

Mel will share in this episode:

1. Content creation starts with a strategy – how do you define or even redefine that for your clients?

2. How can we become better at helping achieve the holy grail content engagement? Is it more than regular posts and sticking to content pillars we work from?

3. What are the main mistakes when it comes to content that does not land?

4. Best tech for us to make the content generation and posting less of a chore?

5. How have new tools like Threads changed how we manage content creation on social media? Explain with an example so we can understand the issues or benefits.

6. Your favourite content “gold star” example and why? Could be a small brand or a large one!


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LinkedIn: Melissa Daniels | LinkedIn


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