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197: The Politics of Property Negotiations - Michelle May
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Property is a hot topic. Always. I have interviewed a range of property experts over the past 196 episodes of my podcast, and there is something about our national interest, obsessions even with property in Australia that seems to get everyone buzzing.

Michelle May is a buyer’s agent, and she has some insights for us all on how to negotiate the next property sale or purchase. She has 25 years of experience and a raft of awards. Growing up in North Africa due to her parent's job, Michelle started travelling the world from an early age. Moving to the UK at the age of 20 she held down a 'normal' job for 12 years, whilst also renovating and flipping properties, starting with her first project at the age of 22.

Landing in Australia in 2007 gave her the opportunity to transform her property passion into the well-respected business it is today. She educates her clients into making better property purchasing decisions, through her business as well as her podcast Buy Your Side, and by being a regular media contributor. Michelle is passionate about giving buyers back the power in their property buying experience. Michelle is a mother to 2 teenagers, a speaker of 4 languages, and lives by the motto ' A day not laughed is a day not lived'.

Hear from Michelle on:

1. Negotiating is not for everyone and explains of course why you have a successful business that does this – what is your mindset when you negotiate either on behalf of a client or to get a new client on the books?

2. How can buyers and sellers negotiate in a tight property market?

3. Should you always buy in a blue-chip area or are there exceptions for say rent-vesters or a retiree who just need a decent rental return or even a tax benefit?

4. What are the best ways as a seller can really leverage a buyer’s agent who maybe approaches your real sales agent looking for a quick sale – off market as they say? Is it just about making an offer that has a time limit or is above value?

5. Will buyer’s agent’s roles change in the future and if so, any trends you can see unfolding?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Property Negotiations?


W: https://www.michellemay.com.au/

LinkedIn: (2) Michelle May | LinkedIn


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