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216: The Politics of Healthy Weight loss - Dr Lucy Burns
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Dr Lucy Burns is a smart woman! As a GP and lifestyle medicine doctor and has extensive training in psychological medicine. She ran a successful medical weight loss clinic which was the inspiration for creating an online learning platform with Dr Mary Barson called Real Life Medicine. They help people reclaim their health and weight by addressing the physiology and the psychology of weight management. We met through a course creator group called Her Empire Builder and she also has business smarts, let’s add. Her experience running a medical weight loss clinic was the inspiration behind creating an online learning platform embracing and teaching low carb real food lifestyle and mindset change.Lucy’s passion is navigating the often-fraught landscape of diet culture and societal glorification of thinness with the body positivity movement and the very real need for weight loss and its impact on health for a large proportion of our population.

In this podcast, Lucy shares her views on:

1. How do you define healthy weight loss?

2. Diets don’t work long-term. How can we be more realistic about our weight loss and gains and not get overwhelmed by so-called “rules” that may undermine our ability to maintain our weight?

3. Weight loss is big business and a health matter. Having adopted a low-carb way of eating yourself some years ago, and losing weight, is that the core of your advice? Or does it differ for varied people?

4. What role does mindset play in not just healthy weight loss but overall lifestyle? Your programs include mantras and hypnosis. How does that work?

5. Takeaway: What is your final message for us on The Politics of Healthy Weight Loss?

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