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214: The Politics of Overcoming Anxiety - Vanessa Stuart
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This episode does delve into mental health issues so comes with a listener warning. Vanessa Stuart is the Founder, Director, and CEO of Total You Coaching, and she's on a mission to empower individuals to lead powerful and passionate lives, especially if they're struggling with anxiety. She understands that anxiety can be a significant obstacle in living a fulfilling life, and she specialises in helping people overcome it. Vanessa is dedicated to guiding you towards a life that aligns with your core values, one that not only addresses your anxiety but also ignites a sense of purpose within you. Vanessa firmly believes that everyone deserves to wake up each day with enthusiasm and confidence. She has a range of tools, support, and expertise to help others in anxiety management. Let’s find out how she has found ways to overcome anxiety and succeed.

In this show, we cover:

1. What is Vanessa’s experience with anxiety and how did you manage it?

2. Is anxiety always something those experience it has to “overcome”?

3. How can people better recognise their own anxiety triggers?

4. Is overcoming anxiety aligned with better self-managed techniques such as mindfulness and exercise, diet, and well-being, or can external factors like finding your purpose be just as important to feel like you are doing ok?

5. How do you define your own version of success?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Overcoming Anxiety?

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