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215: The Politics of Money Mindsets - Obu Ramaraj
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Obu Ramaraj is the CEO of Smart Money Solutions, Money Management Expert, Speaker and Author of two books ‘Smart Women, Smart Home loans: what your lenders won’t tell you’ is a guide and ‘Smart Women, Smart Habits: Powerful practices to create your ideal financial future’. Her experience is quite unique in that she is a first-generation Australian Indian and worked as a research scientist in her previous life. She has built a successful business from ground up in
finance while raising two young kids and acting as Chief Financial Officer at home. Obu is also a certified mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) coach. Obu has been nominated for various awards and is an active community volunteer. Her mission is to help women take control of their financial lives. When women transform their relationship with money, they transform their relationship with life. After spending over a decade in the financial industry, Obu knows what is most important to plan and achieve the desired lifestyle for women – and it’s not just about making more and more money.

We discuss:

1. What was your childhood career dream? Did you achieve this or tell us your early work story?

2. What is the biggest myth around money and mindset? It has to be more than self-limiting beliefs right?

3. What do you do as a certified mBIT (multiple Brain Integration Technique) coach? Share with us what you do and how.

4. Are there some easy ways we can improve how we view money – tips or ideas we can share with the audience please.

5. Financial planning is a business – do we all need that kind of service or can we become savvy ourselves? Tell us your view and why/how.

6. Takeaway: What is your final message on The Politics of Money Mindsets?

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