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Ep 213: The Politics of Business Visibility - Deborah Szabo
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Ever wondered what makes a business visible? I don’t mean the likes on their socials; I mean household name kind of visible or a known leader in their niche. Today I chat to Deb Szabo, a business owner who specialises in this and for 30 years has leveraged her expertise to help build and scale businesses through innovative marketing. She now shares her business-building methods using content marketing, video and organic social media in her online courses and coaching. Deb also facilitates Video Marketing for Social Media, and online coaching to build business and personal brands online. When Deb isn't working, she can be found cooking, bike riding, or traveling to wine destinations with a video camera in hand. Her motto is simple: It's not who has the best product or service, it's about who talks the loudest. I wonder if that always works. Let’s find out the best ways to shine.

Hear from Deborah on:

1. What are the top three ways a business or a leader can become highly and positively visible in all the right ways in 2024?

2. Is digital marketing the #1 way to showcase expertise? Explain your view.

3. As a video Marketing Coach and Online Marketing Strategist helping people be highly visible online to grow their business, what are the biggest challenges your clients face?

4. Can you be overexposed and therefore less successful – how can that middle ground be reached so we tune in and not off long term?

5. How can being digitally visible in a business crisis help? Thinking of say companies like Optus or Qantas?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Business Visibility?

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Deb Szabo - Be seen heard & recognised

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