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S1 E6 · Let's Talk Diaspora
Why is Research Important?
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9 months ago

Research helps us answer...

Who are the people? (Determine what is a win. What are we trying to accomplish?)

  1. People, place, to what extent

What are they like? - Understanding their culture and worldview is important to learning how to connect and begin to see the gospel through their eyes.

  1. Learn about, learn from, learn with

How can the be reached? (What are best practices?)

  1. best ways to share the gospel, disciple, plant churches, etc.?
  2. what has been tried in the past?
  3. what language resources exist?
  4. what language resources don't exist?
  5. who can we collaborate with?
  6. What is it going to take?

How are we doing?

  1. determining what are the significant gaps of engagement
  2. celebrating what God is doing
  3. tracking for determining effectiveness or coaching
  4. tracking for church and disciple health and generational growth