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207: The Politics of Hard Times - Leah Mether
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3 months ago

Let’s face it, leaders have been through a lot over the past three years. Yet the storm of organisational change keeps coming, and uncertainty is the new normal. Leadership is ultimately about people, yet many find themselves responsible for implementing change without ever being taught the foundations of how to actually lead people through it.

My guest today Leah Mether has a new book Steer through the Storm (Ingram Sparks, $25.00). As a communication and soft skills specialist Leah provides a practical, step-by-step guide to help lead your people through turbulent times. Drawing upon over 15 years experience working with a variety of organisations, Mether outlines a new approach to communication and leadership that will help you deal with the feelings of your people, improve performance, and get better results.

Leah is a speaker, trainer, facilitator, and author known for her direct, enthusiastic and relatable style. With a background in leadership, corporate communications and journalism, Leah works with executives, leaders and teams across Australia to help them improve their communication and self-management. With more than 15 years’ experience working with thousands of clients, Leah knows what it takes to communicate under pressure.

Her clients represent a diverse range of industries, government agencies, and businesses across Australia – including AGL, Optus, CFA, Energy Australia, Latrobe Community Health Services, and the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action. As a proud Gippslander based in regional Victoria, Leah is passionate about supporting communities through industry transition.

We discuss:

1. How have hard times shaped leaders of the past and is it different now? Explain your views.

2. What are some of the best ways we can lead ourselves and others through challenge and change?

3. Accountability can mistaken for being a micro-manager sometimes but how can we hold others to account while leading with some sense of compassion?

4. Conflict is often the result of stress and challenges, but are there any surefire ways to navigate hard times with minimal conflict?

5. Is there a trajectory where say with grief we know there are stages. In the end, acceptance is key to us having a way forward – is that true of all hard experiences? Maybe 1-2 examples.

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Hard Times?

To connect with Leah:

• Weblink: https://www.leahmether.com.au/

• LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leahmetherspeaker/

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