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206: The Politics of Mental Endurance - Melo Calarco
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3 months ago

We all know about burnout and my show has done a few episodes that have specifically looked at the causes, treatments, and best of all prevention.

My guest today Melo Calarco is on a mission to help millions of people beat burnout in the modern world but ever wondered what that takes? He is the published author of Beating Burnout-Finding Balance and is a passionate mindfulness and high-performance coach, keynote speaker and corporate programs facilitator. Melo learned to manage highly challenging and stressful situations, build mental endurance and rise above adversity from his life lessons on the road where he cycled, trekked and travelled over 30,000km’s around the planet on his mountain bike. He traversed five continents and along the way he had to overcome many obstacles and demanding encounters, including near-death experiences.

He has helped many CEO’s, leaders, corporate executives, medical professionals, elite athletes and other high performers to build resilience and perform at their absolute best, without burning out. Melo’s work has been described as truly transformational and his clients include, Deloitte, PwC, Royal Flying Doctor Service, Loreal, SEEK, David Jones, ANZ bank and many of the world's top companies.

Hear from Melo on:

1. How do you define mental endurance?

2. Are there ways like an athlete or a great achiever in any field, we can build up our own mental endurance and how?

3. Are there things that will impact for better or worse how we retain mental endurance during periods of sustained stress or when we are maybe already burned out?

4. Adversity is part of life – what is the quickest way to change how we navigate it and amplify our path to stronger wellbeing mentally?

5. The most untapped resource when it comes to mental endurance is what, in your experience?

6. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Mental Endurance?


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