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202: The Politics of Business Security - Gina Field
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Security   is something that most of us have come across, at a major sporting event,   live concert or even a shopping centre. Have you ever thought much about what   it’s like to work in and run such as business? And if I say picture a   security guard, you would more likely think of a male.

Meet Gina Field. She is the Managing   Director of a successful security company, with an impressive 25-year track   record. Her journey began as a one-woman home-based business, and through   dedication and innovation, she achieved remarkable growth. Gina's company   garnered recognition with over 35 industry awards, including prestigious   titles like NSW Businesswoman of the Year, Entrepreneur of the Year, and   Business of the Decade.

Gina's outstanding accomplishments   include securing major contracts, such as the Western Sydney Airport contract   and significant State Government contracts. Her success story serves as an   inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs, especially women in business,   demonstrating the potential for small ventures to flourish into thriving   enterprises. With a wealth of experience, Gina likely shares valuable   insights into running a successful business, overcoming challenges, and   identifying market opportunities. Her journey is a testament to the rewards   of perseverance, strategic planning, and a passion for excellence in the   security industry.

We chat today about The Politics of Security.

1. What did you dream of being as a kid and what did that early career entail for you?

2. Why security and what has helped you build your business?

3. What does your security business do – is every day different?

4. It is hard to go past asking this obvious question but I assume it is a male-dominated industry – is that still the case and how have you seen that change over the years in terms of your ability to be a leader regardless? Any examples that can bring this to life please share.

5. How has how to operate your business security changed over time?

6. What makes your business successful or stand out?

7. Best advice ever given to you, and why?

8. In a year’s time what would you like to have achieved in life or work, and what makes that goal so important?

9. Takeaway: What is your final takeaway message for us on The Politics of Business Security?

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