Ep. 121 - You're Marketing by Accident! Tayler from Enji image
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Ep. 121 - You're Marketing by Accident! Tayler from Enji
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4 months ago

Hot Topic: You're Marketing by Accident!

- Most wedding pros wake up everyday without knowing how they are going to market their business (the solution to this is to have a marketing plan)

- A big mistake wedding pros make is making too many assumptions about who their ideal clients are (the solution is going deep on customer personas and focusing on their problems/motivations)

- The key to better marketing is not necessarily MORE marketing, it's usually just consistency (the solution here is building marketing habits)

I met Tayler and her hubby at WMBA and I was blown away by them. I was drawn to their booth immediately.

A marketing consultant and small-business builder, Tayler is the Founder of Enji—though you might recognize her from one of her other companies: TAYLRD Media and Designs and Sourced Co.

In her newest endeavor, Tayler is taking everything she has learned over nearly a decade of helping small businesses with marketing to design and build a suite of online marketing tools that fit your lifestyle and make sense for you. Because, while you didn’t sign up to be Chief Marketing Officer of your business, at Enji, we believe becoming one doesn’t have to be so daunting—and our goal is to empower you with the tools and solutions you need to make more informed decisions, use your resources more effectively, get creative with how you connect with customers, and ultimately grow.



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