Ep. 137 - The weather doesn't need to cause stress or anxiety - Andrew Leavitt image
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Ep. 137 - The weather doesn't need to cause stress or anxiety - Andrew Leavitt
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Happy Woo Wednesdays!

The weather doesn't need to cause stress or anxiety. Just like every other aspect of your or your client’s wedding day, you can plan for it and take steps to mitigate any severe risks. In my experience, even when it rains, it never ruins a wedding. Plan for the unexpected, learn how to set expectations with your clients, and always find the positive side of every situation and every type of weather pattern.

Whether clients experience “perfect” weather or “awful” weather, they still end up having the best wedding ever!

1. Weather apps are not meant for wedding planners … in the same way that Spotify isn’t meant to replace a wedding band. While these apps can predict daily weather, they often lack the context needed for detailed planning.

2. Severe weather, like thunderstorms, hurricanes, blizzards, and heat waves, demands a deeper dive into preparedness and understanding. It's not solely about knowing if a storm will hit but grasping the potential impacts on your event.

3. It is key for you to understand your legal responsibility and how to avoid putting yourself in a risky legal situation if there is a weather emergency at your event.

Andrew Leavitt founded Ironic Reports, a Concierge Event Meteorology Service. Ironic is trusted by some of the biggest names in the wedding industry, including Rafanelli Events, Marcy Blum, and Colin Cowie. Ironic focuses on everything from drizzles to severe weather and can even help you choose the safest place for your dream wedding.

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