EP: 128 - Content repurposing can save you HOURS in your marketing - Isabel Chen image
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EP: 128 - Content repurposing can save you HOURS in your marketing - Isabel Chen
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3 months ago

Happy Woo Wednesdays! What a powerful episode. Stop creating MORE content and repurpose what you have instead! Isabel Chen is amazing.  She may be a digital marketer, but her science background means that she trusts data - and if the data says most of your sales come from non-social media methods (e.g. networking) , she's gonna tell you that's where you should focus ;)

Isabel's a scientist turned digital marketer who specialises in Pinterest marketing and content creation. After working for 4 years as a social media manager team of one in a non-profit, she is passionate about showing online business owners how to save time when it comes to their marketing.

My hot topic would be how content repurposing can save you HOURS in your marketing.
1. How repurposing content to other platforms (e.g. Instagram to Pinterest) can boost your reach
2. Repurposing Longform content (e.g. a blog) to shortform content (e.g. IG carousel) means you don't have to think of new content ideas but build more brand awareness
3. Repurposing lets you reinforce your message - they say someone needs to see/hear a message at least 7 times before they buy

Only for HECK YES listeners.

She is offering listeners a complimentary 30-min Map out your Marketing session to solve ONE marketing issue they're facing.

Link to book a session is: https://tidycal.com/fairyfoxdigital/free-value-calls

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