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E129 · Get a "Heck Yes" with Carissa Woo Wedding Photographer and Coach
Ep. 129 - Creating a brand identity - Shantel - New Pics on the Block
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3 months ago

Happy Woo Wednesdays! I have Shantel in the Get a HECK YES House with New Pics on the block photobooth. I hired her company for my book signing party. They have the best photobooth. Today we talk about Creating a brand identity.

If you need a new brand identity, reach out to me.

Shantel reminds us to be true to yourself, no matter what. We got the right stuff!


Hi and aloha! My name is Shantel and owner of New Pics On The Block photo booth services. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hi. I have always loved the 80s and 90s fashion, music, movies, anything and everything from those decades.

Hot topic:

Creating a brand identity.

-“hi, name is…slim shady” create a name to reflect your company
-Get that logo to match it!
-take that name and express yourself with your branding
-create you social platforms. Colors, patterns, etc
-mix your branding and identity into your company from our prop, backdrops and our van!
-Dont stop believing. You will have hard times, your lows, moments you want to quit, but when you believe in your brand and what it can so, it will take you there.

Favorite sales technique : How do you get a HECK YES from your dream clients?

Focusing on the customers wants. A photo booth is not necessarily a need, since we are usually the last ones to get booked for almost all events, clients want something fun, memorable, and easy. Therefore, we come in to help provide a service to help capture those moments, give their guests a great time, and a photo album to help them look back on all the memories that were had.

For our HECK YES listeners: If you contact us and mention “Heck yes podcast” you get $100 off any package.

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