Ep. 134 - Creating memorable milestones in your life - Olga image
E134 · Get a "Heck Yes" with Carissa Woo Wedding Photographer and Coach
Ep. 134 - Creating memorable milestones in your life - Olga
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1 month ago

Happy Woo Wednesdays!

Today I have Olga in the Get a HECK YES house. She is the designer and founder of Hannah Kanani Bridal. She has been in the fashion industry for more than 25 years. She has evolved into the bridal industry by creating heirloom veils/accessories. Today Olga reminds us to Cherish as many moments as you can with your family and friends.

She is my student and went through The Triple Threat Program - Done for you Brand Messaging, Marketing and Sales.

Check out the website we created for her. Www.hannahkananibridal.com

Hot Topic:

Memorable milestones in your life.

- Celebrate (big or small, doesn't matter) with family. (They love you)

- Capture events. Today it might not be important, but tomorrow it may.

- Learn about your family history and how they have influenced you as a person.

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