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Happy Woo Wednesdays. Today Udo reminds us creatives + entrepreneurs: Never give up. If you believe you've been called to do a particular assignment that's in tandem to your calling, never give up. Take breaks! But never abandon what's been placed within you! It's there for a reason. Give in to it!

Udo Asomugha Studios is a female, black-owned boutique photography studio in Redondo Beach, Los Angeles County. Celebrating a decade behind the lens, Udo's journey in photography has transformed into a heartfelt dedication to capturing the essence of life's most cherished moments and she is genuinely thrilled to continue celebrating you from behind the lens. Her Nigerian heritage, the backdrop of artistic elegance, became her canvas for personal expression. Her photography sits at the intersection of transformation and revelation, witnessing this revelation of every client who comes to my studio.

Hot Topic:

Posing! In this selfie world, people still dread getting in front of a professional camera. The main question I always get is, “What do I do with my hands?”
Relax and follow me, i’ll give you every bit if direction you need. You wont stop hearing my voice. You’ll end up feeling like a pro, afterwards.

Freebie for HECK YES listeners

I’ll give one (1) blessed listener a $0 session fee valued at $500 for a maternity session, modern woman session or full branding session. If you’re pregnant, I photograph you between 27-32 weeks into your pregnancy.

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