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S3 E1 · Fabulous F**kery
Survivor Fuckery with Helen King
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2 years ago

In this episode, you will meet Helen King.  Helen is the host of the C-Word Podcast and the owner of the HK Productions podcast management company.

In 2018, She was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 37. After 18 months of treatment, Helen struggled to rebuild her life. Then the pandemic hit, and things really went pear-shaped.  After a chance meeting with a person,  She sought out a diagnosis for ADHD and was diagnosed 6 months before she turned 40. Starting her podcast and the experience of a late diagnosis of ADHD helped he stop trying to fit into a box she didn't fit into and start building a life where she could be herself.

Find Helen:  and her podcast The C Word

Thank you for joining us Helen!

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